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Alana's Website!

Hello, and welcome to my website! Here you will discover many things about me or just random things about stuff that i like. Enjoy!


Hi, my name is Alana. My best friends are Beth, Maisi and Emma and i communicate with them through MSN Messenger and during school. I shall soon be attending Secondary School, which i am very excited about, though currently it is the holidays. I live with my two sisters, mum and dad. We also have two dogs, three parrots and a cat.
 Taz is a female, Manchester Terrier cross-breed dog. She is a very affectionate and obedient, yet lively little dog. Rocky is a pure English Bull Terrier, who is very old now, so mostly enjoys sleeping and going about the house. Gembo is our cat. He is a white Cornish Rex who constantly miaows for more food! Our three parrots are named Jaffa, Murphy and Chester. They are constantly yapping away when the hoover is on! I would LOVE my own little pet mouse, and will be getting one soon (hopefully).

My favourite colour is blue, and my hobbies include: going on the computer, riding my bike, drawing, reading, animals and seeing friends.

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